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The field of machine learning that deals with neural networks is called deep learning.

A neural network (NN) is a mathematical model for solving a machine learning problem. At the input, it accepts data — photos, text, videos, etc. — and then outputs the answer to the task. People were inspired by the biological model of the human brain when they came up with neural networks.
Neural networks are used in a variety of tasks, such as recognizing faces/people in a crowd, translating texts, predicting sales of an enterprise, filling in the background in video conferences, recognizing text in pictures —…

In this article I `ll not stop on description of how works neural networks, because main purpose of this text is ti explain why they works so well in some domains.

Like in many tasks in machine learning what model to use depends on your data. What’s why it is better to explain when neural networks are appropriate to use and can boost your performance. First of all these are tasks that process graphic information — images and videos. Since 2015, in this field human copes worser than computer with the tasks of classifying or determining what is represented on…


MLE (NLP) engineer at Sber.

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